RELEASE BLITZ- Famously Yours (The Fame, #2) by K.B. Mallion


Release Blitz: Famously Yours (The Fame, #2)
by K.B. Mallion Dec 14th

#KBMallion #FamouslyYours



Jessica Neel risked everything to be with the charmingly grounded, A list actor, Jonny Riley. She believes in their love for one another. She believes that their love can overcome anything.

Together, they face so many challenges.

Challenges that come from every conceivable direction; all under the scrutiny of the hungry press and Jonny’s ever adoring public.

While they plan for their future. Their past is intent on destroying all that they have fought so hard to keep… fought so hard to cherish.

Fame and fate pushed Jonny and Jessica together…. can it keep them together or will it tear them apart?


Teaser 1
Teaser 2

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12091336_10153751370312146_2608391398935739211_oJoin the Party:

A celebration release and publishversary party.
The release of Famously Yours, and the publish date of A Famous Affair in Dec 2014…. Raising our virtual glasses to Jonny Riley.


K B says that these days, she is more part time wife/mother and full time writer. She is the author of A Famous Affair, Hudson’s Heart, and the forthcoming Famously Yours. She lives in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom which is reflected in her writing. When she is away from her computer, K B enjoys time with her family and friends. Mooching around charity shops and belting out a tune or two on SingStar.
K B is apparently a chatty little thing, and loves to connect with those who have fallen for her characters. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter…. So don’t be shy.

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RELEASE BLITZ- Famously Yours (The Fame, #2) by K.B. Mallion

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