BOOK REVIEW- Command by Nina Levine


✫•°•·✷·•°•✫•FIVE​​ STAR FABULOUS•✫•°•·✷·•°•✫

“I’d take all the lows if it meant I got just one of the highs with you.”
-Nina Levine, Command

The sexy as sin, dirty talking biker, Scott Cole is back in book #7 of the Storm MC series. We get a chance to see all of our favorites again in Command as well as a new face or two. I’ve been super excited waiting on this book to get here. Scott and Harlow have had to deal with some serious and heartbreaking issues. After all they’ve been through they deserve some happiness finally. I’m so very happy they got another book and more of their story told. I feel like, out of all the Storm couples, Scott and Harlow are the foundation that keeps all of them grounded. They are by far my favorite couple. You can’t help but love them from the beginning. Wait till you read Command though, you’re going to love them even harder than before, especially Harlow.


It was time to take command and make shit happen.

Storm MC is being hit hard. By enemies trying to ruin them, members walking out and it’s chaos from all sides. The saying is, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” That was evident in Command. Storm isn’t just another MC, it’s a family for sure. You see this in all the books but Command brings it to the forefront. The sense of loyalty you get from Scott and his men is honorable. His loyalty and dedication to Harlow makes him even sexier, if that’s at all possible. I loved how we got to see the club really come together when sh-t got real. Scott is one sexy, badass MC President and he made sure everyone knew. The situations that happen in Command are at times, crazy at best. My heart was pounding through my chest with all of the twists and turns. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There was never a dull moment. Command has a perfect blend of suspense, drama, action, romance, and of course, ugly cries. You know what ugly cries mean to me…Five Star Jackpot!!

Is faith enough to get you through when all appears to be lost?

I love love how Scott is determined to be by Harlow’s side till the end. It hurt my heart that they had to experience such a loss. You can’t help but feel Harlow’s sadness right along with her. I was initially upset with her after the miscarriage because she was shutting Scott out. Yes she was hurting but so was he and she kept pushing him away. In Command, even though she’s still trying to find herself and heal, she’s determined to be the woman Scott deserves. Silly Harlow, she already is. She just needed to finally see it for herself. All that did was strengthen the bond between them. Those two are PERFECT together. And Harlow is one badass female too. I had to give her kudos numerous times in Command. Harlow is definitely the queen to Scott’s king. This was a beautiful story and fantastic read.

Have you added Command to your TBR list yet? You need to go 1-Click this book right now. It’s beyond worth it. Why you ask? That’s simple….

#3- Command is the complete package. All those little things you look for in a great book are right here. Romance, suspense, humor, action, etc.. You want it, it’s here!
#2- From the first pages you’re going to be hooked. I was 4% in and absolutely hooked already. It snatches all of your attention immediately and doesn’t give it back till you’re reading “The End.”
#1- HELLO…. It’s Scott Cole and the Storm MC. That alone means it’ll be AH-MAY-ZING! Command is that and so much more though, it’s EPIC!!


Hero Stars: 5
Heroine Stars:​ 5
Interaction Stars: 5
Sexiness Stars: 5
Storyline Stars: 5
The End Stars: 5
Overall Stars: 5

Is this book a keeper? ​​ABSOLUTELY!
Would I recommend this book to others? ​ABSOLUTELY!
Would I read more books from this author? ​ABSOLUTELY!
Would I recommend this author to others? ​ABSOLUTELY!


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BOOK REVIEW- Command by Nina Levine

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