COVER REVEAL- Focused and Driven by Savana Jade



Here it is! The OFFICIAL COVER for

In just a month, November 17, I’ll be sharing the story of Xander & Bria with you all! And I can’t freaking wait!


Barnes & Noble:

Cover Model~ Shawn Dawson
Photo by~ Allan Spiers Photography
Cover Design~ Savana Jade

Even though Xander was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, never once was he brought up that way. He was raised to work hard and earn his keep. That’s exactly what he’s done.

Dr. Alexander Cage is focused on one thing, his career. Ever since he was burned by his one true love nearly five years ago, he vowed never to open his heart up to anyone again. That is until he meets her…

Bria Powers has worked for everything she’s owned in order to make it through med school. She bartends at night and works on her residency during the day. She is young and beautiful, but doesn’t have time for a man in her life right now. She barely finds the time to breathe on Saturdays, her only free day to herself.

Being dragged to a motocross race one Saturday by her best friend, her world suddenly turns on its axis.

She’s focused on one thing only, to make it on her own. He’s driven by his career and nothing else. Can they bend the rules to make it work?

Approx word count: 115k

COVER REVEAL- Focused and Driven by Savana Jade

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