Slay (Storm MC, #5) by Nina Levine

Slay (Storm MC, #4)Slay
(Storm MC, #5)
Nina Levine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

​✫•°*°•✫FIVE​​ STAR FABULOUS✫•°*°•✫

“Sometimes you have to shatter to find strength. And sometimes you have to let someone in to help you put the pieces back together.”
― Nina Levine, Slay

I’ve got to say first that I didn’t think ANYONE would be able to come close to how much I love J from Storm and Blaze. That was before I met Blade in Slay. Yep, he’s giving J a run for his money.

Absolutely loved this book. I’m a Storm MC fangirl as it is but each book that comes out in this series just gets better and better. Slay is by far one of the best.

I love the connection between Blade and Layla. Super hot! Plus, Layla takes Blade for who he is and doesn’t expect anything else. Blade and Layla balance each other out perfectly.

Slay is most definitely on my Best Books Ever list! Nina Levine, you constantly show how awesome you really are. Love this series and totally love Slay.

Hero Stars: 5+
Heroine Stars: 5+​
Interaction Stars: 5+
Sexiness Stars: 5++
Storyline Stars: 5
The End Stars: 5
Overall Stars: 5+

Is this book a keeper? ​​Absolutely!
Would I recommend this book to others? ​Absolutely!
Would I read more books from this author? ​Absolutely!
Would I recommend this author to others? ​Without a doubt!


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Slay (Storm MC, #5) by Nina Levine

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