Lucky’s Choice (The Last Riders Series #7)

Lucky's Choice (The Last Riders, #7)
Lucky’s Choice
(The Last Riders #7)
Jamie Begley


With each book Jamie Begley releases I think to myself, this is the best one. Every one of her Last Riders books in the series have been fantastic. After reading Lucky’s Choice I know this one is by far my absolute favorite.

I’ve loved the connection between Lucky and Willa starting back in the beginning, when it was obvious to everyone except them. I have no doubt those two are meant for each other.

Lucky’s Choice was an emotional storm for me. We’ve all read books where the storyline hit a personal note with us, I know I have. Lucky’s Choice hit me on an extremely deep personal level and I could totally relate to so many of the things that Lucky was struggling with. I will say that I was able to view my own issues in a different light after reading this and it helped me see things clearer too. Very powerful story for me.

Lucky’s Choice easily made it to the top of my Most Fave Books list and Jamie Begley has been on my VIP Authors list from book one. This is a fantastic book to read.


Lucky’s Choice (The Last Riders Series #7)

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