Malevolent (The Darkness Series #1)

Malevolent (Darkness #1)Malevolent
(The Darkness Series #1)
Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I start I need to say that Malevolent is one of only a few books that I’ve read that are dark reads like this. So my experience with this genre is limited at the moment but I fully intend to rectify that. With that being said, on to my review =).


HOLY S–TBALLS this story was all kinds of effed up. I was stuck between not wanting to finish, trying to spare myself nightmares and not being able to stop reading at all. Needless to say I finished. This book had me captivated immediately. I couldn’t put it down. The emotions throughout the book are raw and in your face. I was so broken for the victims, you could almost feel their pain in the words. It was crazy. I couldn’t help wanting to scream at the sadistic, evil presence that was killing these poor woman.

Malevolent also had a good balance of light to it as well. A love story of it’s own that gave you hope in the midst of all the darkness. Two peoples paths cross and give this story the balance of light to dark that it needs.

I was blown away at the depths of evil in this book. It had my already busy brain working in overdrive. Also, even though there is a few different love stories that may or may not play out in this book and somewhere in all of the chaos there is even a HEA, there are also a few plot twists that I did not expect at all. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. That made me like this book even more. Made it closer to reality for me even if it broke my heart and made me cry.

I totally loved this book, darkness and all! Cassia Brightmore has done a FANTASTIC job with this book! She is going to rock the author world big time.

Malevolent is book one in the Darkness series. The next book in the series Evanesce.

Malevolent (The Darkness Series #1)

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