Evanesce (The Darkness Series #2)

Evanesce (Darkness #2)Evanesce
(The Darkness Series #2)
Cassia Brightmore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Once again Cassia Brightmore has taken us deep inside the darkest part of Hell. Evanesce is the second book in the Darkness Series. Following in the footsteps of the first book in the series, Evanesce totally delivers on it’s promise of evil incarnate. I think Evanesce is actually darker than Malevolent was and that’s saying a lot. This book brings us in to a world that has no chance of seeing light in it. It was very intense and raw, cutting deeply into my heart and soul. It definitely makes you think.

We know what the “Black Market” is and what goes on in it. Nothing is off limits there, kind of like Craigslist on steroids and crack and then some. In this book we see the most evil and life shattering usage of the black market. We’re not talking human organs this time around though. Much much worse. Evanesce broke me apart so many times. I was devastated. My heart broke over and over again for the people affected by this evil.

I was SO not expecting the way the book ended. I think the ending was perfect though. It gives you enough for a sort of closure but still leaves it open enough to have you wanting and needing the next book in the series. I know I needed the next book the second I finished reading Evanesce. I am completely enthralled with this series and everything that has happened so far. I cannot wait for book three to get here so I can, once again, become wrapped up in the darkness that awaits.

✔ Is there a love story as well? Yes there is and it’s one that will warm your heart and make you smile.
✔ Love a plot with twists you never saw coming? Evanesce will have you rethinking everything with the bombs it drops.
✔ Looking for some shock and awe? Look no further.
✔ Looking for some hot sex too ヅ? It’s got it all and yes it’s all worth it.

Evanesce was an awesome read. Cassia Brightmore has successfully brought me over to the dark side and I embrace it willingly and happily ヅ HA-HA.

Evanesce (The Darkness Series #2)

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