Exposed (Ethan Frost #3)

Exposed (Ethan Frost, #3)Exposed (Ethan Frost #3)
Tracy Wolff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I fell in love with Ethan Frost immediately. Following his and Chloe’s journey has been exciting. The dual POVs was great, I like seeing the differences in Ethan and Chloe and how they relate and/or react to the same things (e.g. Chloe’s rape).

As much as I hated Ethan’s brother Brandon, I liked that the author tied up those loose strings concerning him. Chloe’s story broke my heart and seeing how it tore up Ethan as well just made me love Mr. Frost even more. His dedication to Chloe is beautiful. I cried as I read this, just imaging in my minds eye each moment in the book. I could feel the stress and frustration that Ethan experienced trying to deal with what was happening. Even though he wasn’t the direct victim in the tragedy, his part in the aftermath hit him hard. Plus, his love for Chloe and wanting justice for her, however it came about, was an intensely driving force. The fact that it was his own brother made it worse for him. Watching as Ethan and Chloe work through their fast-moving relationship as well as everything else that was thrown at them has been exciting. They deserve their HEA most definitely.

I love how we saw more of Tori and Sebastian (the BFF’s respectively). I also LOVE how Chloe’s brother finally stepped up on her behalf. About time!! Between her family and Ethan’s I was going crazy with hate towards them.
The world works in mysterious ways and karma will always find you. I liked that karma smacked Brandon in the face. He deserved it.

I throughly loved this book and will recommend it to all of my book loving friends.

ARC received from NetGalley for honest review.

Original review date : March 27, 2015

Exposed (Ethan Frost #3)

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