Be the One (Crave, #2)Be the One (Crave Book 2)
Nina Levine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Don’t forget to dance in the rain.”
-Nina Levine, Be The One


Jett and Presley’s story continues….

Jett will do whatever it takes to make her his…
Presley wants a man who will put her first for once…

When Jett’s life starts to shatter around him suddenly his fears and flaws become open for all to see.
The more Presley tries to show him she is there for him, the harder he starts to push her away.
Can love really conquer all or will Jett slip too far from her reach?

This story hit my emotions fast and hard. I was caught in the emotional ride immediately and never let go.
Having to deal with so many different issues going on all at the same time ramped up my own feelings too.
You can completely relate too and understand their experiences and inner turmoil. From the beginning of their
story in All Your Reasons (Crave Book 1) to the end of it here I was held complete captive. This story totally
renewed my faith in forever love.

I love love love this book. Jett and Presley are definitely on my Top VIP list of favorite people.
Jett is the #1 Rockstar EVER!!

Another ABSOLUTELY AWESOME book from Nina Levine.


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