Bait (Wake, #1)Bait (Wake Series #1)
M. Mabie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars



“For one night, I want to pretend like it’s me you’re promised to,” his thumb ran over my lips. “Mine to care for and adore. Say yes to ME. Even if it is only for tonight. Please?”
-M. Mabie, Bait



M. Mabie is officially one of my top 10 all time favorite authors now. I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books with all variety of plots and twists. This was however, my first book experience where a main topic in the plot was actually a cheating GF/BF/SO. Putting aside my personal opinion and societies outlook on the issue, my review is based solely on the books merits. With that being said…

This is a total 5 Star read. The emotion that was weaved throughout the entire book was no less than intense. Granted the topic of infidelity isn’t your average small talk conversation starter, it is however a fact of life. So it wasn’t really that far fetched to see it in a main plot. M. Mabie did an exceptional job writing this twist into her story. You could see and feel the emotional roller coaster that this situation put the characters involved through. Casey and Blake never sensationalized the issue. They were both being tormented by what was happening and we were able to see through their separate POV’s how it affected them personally. How it affected those close to them. I think M. Mabie is an amazing writer and she shows her talent well in this book.

Ok so, I’m not a cheerleader of Blake’s. She just made me want to shake the hell out of so many times. Her thought process, however much she thought she was trying to make things right, just frustrated me to no end. I wanted to scream at her when she’d obsess on how much of a good, stable and traditional guy Grant was. How her parents liked him and he how deserved to be happy. Good lord woman shut up already. Think for yourself for once. Ok, so Grant’s a nice guy, we got it. BUT he’s not that guy for you and it’s obvious, open your damn eyes.UGH!!

Now as for Casey, I am 100% Fangirl status with this guy. I loved his personality, his mouth, his useless information, all of it. He is one of the sexiest book boyfriends I’ve come across in a while. And even though he may not have acknowledged or voiced his feelings for Blake when he should have, you still could feel how deeply he was in love with her. His love is fierce and that just makes him sexier. I was on the #TeamCasey bandwagon from the minute he walked in to the HLS. Seeing his heart get broken repeatedly by Blake and then he’d still take her back each time just killed me. The hardest part though for me was when his mom told him she was dying and then her passing. He loved his mama and I cried my eyes out.

Bait was an awesome read and I’d definitely recommend it as a must read!!


Original review date: 31 March 2015


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