The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1)

The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1)The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1)
Cassia Leo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“This is the way we fall. First we lose our balance, teetering precariously on the edge of uncertainty, until, mercilessly, gravity takes over. You can’t outshine gravity.”

― Cassia Leo, The Way We Fall

Once again Cassia Leo has given us another beautifully written story. In classic Cassia style, she has grabbed our hearts and minds and completely captivated us with Houston and Rory’s journey in, The Way We Fall. Two very unforgetable characters with an intense connection between them.

Quick synopsis; five years ago, after a tragedy brings them together, Houston and Rory fall in love; first love and young love. The relationship ends painfully. Houston walks away from Rory taking with him a secret he’s kept from her that would turn her world upside down. Flash forward five years and suddenly Houston and Rory are thrown back together again without warning. Trying to make the best out of an awkward situation isn’t easy for either of them. The past comes back to haunt them but will it make or break them when true feelings come out and a tragic secret is revealed?

I couldn’t put this book down. From one chapter to the next I was enthralled. The energy was amazing and once it caught you, you were stuck. I really liked experiencing both Houston and Rory’s POV. Especially during the flashbacks. Being able to see how differently they both saw the same situation was great. It made the story feel more alive to me and it helped to explain things better too, I think. For me personally, I really really want Houston and Rory to get their HEA. Rory deserves it most definitely. If Houston can pull his gorgeous head out of his ass, fix what he’s broken and make things right, he can finally be the man he needs to be for Rory. First love can truly be their forever love.

This is an amazing and wonderful story. Beautifully loving yet heartbreaking at the same time.

Original review date: 29 March 2015

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The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1)

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