Storm (Storm MC #1)

Storm (Storm MC, #1)
Storm (Storm MC #1)
Nina Levine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I loved this man with all my heart; he had shown me that even though life
can be a bitch, love can get you through any storm.”
― Nina Levine, Storm

Storm is the first book in the Storm MC series. This is where we’re first introduced to Jason Reilly and Madison Cole. Madison is the daughter of Storm MC’s president and J (Jason) is the the man who loves her. His love for her has known no bounds and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her and it shows. Their relationship takes a major detour and they end up spending a couple years apart. Then due to threats against the MC, Madison and J are reunited. It’s the beginning of making up. Yay!!

J is our first introduction to the men from Storm MC and he doesn’t disappoint. Storm was the first MC type book I’ve ever read. Since then I’ve read dozens and dozens of MC books and to this day, J is and will always be my absolute favorite. He was my first Storm crush. He’s who brought is all home for me. #TeamJ all day!!

I had a hard time liking Madison at first. She seemed like a spoiled and ungrateful brat. J made a split second decision that concerned her and it felt to me that she didn’t acknowledge what making that decision did to J. She was only thinking of how it affected her and how she felt about it. Granted, it was a life-altering move, but it was for both of them. She was just too whiny and uppity for me at first. But that all changed when her and J reunited. The chemistry between them is undeniable. They keep each other grounded even when Madison is driving J bat crazy I love them as a couple now but J is still my #1.

Nina Levine is a must read author, no doubt. Storm has some super hot, sexy, alpha male scenes in it that will make you beg for more. They say you never forget your first. Well, in my case they’re right. J and Storm were my first (MC) and are completely unforgettable.
Storm MC #1 is a MUST READ!!

Original review date: 14 January 2015

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Storm (Storm MC #1)

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