Relent (Sydney Storm MC #1)

Relent (Sydney Storm MC, #1)Relent (Sydney Storm MC #1)
Nina Levine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I raised my brows. “Is that an ‘okay’ type statement or a ‘we clear’ type statement?” I couldn’t resist, and waited to see what he’d do next. My body kinda hoped he’d attack it.”
―Nina Levine, Relent

Relent is the first book in the Sydney Storm MC series, which is a spin off series to the Storm MC series. Once again Nina Levine has given us an awesome story.In Relent we meet Kick Hanson and Evie Bishop. Best friends and lovers, but are they soul mates? After spending a while apart they are brought back together due to a mutual tragedy. Despite trying to convince themselves that they didn’t want the other, that familiar spark of desire is lit immediately between them. There’s no deny that the connection and bond they had growing up was still there and just as strong. But can they work out the problems that kept them apart?

I fell in love with Kick immediately. Him and his dirty mouth and alpha male personality busted it’s way right into my heart. Aside from being the sexy as sin biker that he is, Kick is also a sweetheart deep down. His attitude is rough due to issues he experienced growing up. Family life isn’t always the best. The one person who knows what he went through and knows the real him is Evie Bishop. They grew up together and she went through the same problems with family that he did. Only the aftermath was harder on her.

Evie is Kick’s mirror reflection. She’s a smart ass with an equally dirty
mouth. One that’s only rival is Kick. I loved the banter between the two. You could feel how much they loved each other. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of these two is “the first, the worst and the last.” They were each others first love, worst love (with all the trials and tribulations) and ultimately the last love too. Seeing the heartbreak they both experienced from being apart and the passion and love that brought them back together was beautiful. They belonged together and I was cheering for them the entire time.

Nina Levine has done an awesome job taking us through first love, young love, heartbreak, loss and in the end realization, clarity and back to a forever love. She has a way with drawing you into the story and making you truly feel what the characters themselves are experiencing. She is an author you wont regret having on your reading list with Relent at the top of it.


Original review date: 24 February 2015

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Relent (Sydney Storm MC #1)

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